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London Shipping Exchange

London Shipping Exchange

At the time of writing, February 2020, the only building standing in Billiter Street, off Fenchurch Street, is number 19-21 which was the home of the former London Shipping Exchange.

The name Billiter is the occupational name for a bell-founder, Middle English belleyetere, from Old English belle + geotere.

London Shipping Exchange

19-21 Billiter Streed was the home of the London Shipping Exchange from 1892 to 1903. The building in Billiter Street dates back to 1865.

London Shipping Exchange date

The Exchange had been formed at the end of 1891, to represent the interests of shipowners and operators and it was viewed as a competitor to the well-known and long-established Baltic Exchange.

In 1900 a new organisation The Baltic Mercantile & Shipping Exchange Ltd was incorporated which saw the merger of the two exchanges and the 680 members of the London Shipping Exchange were formally elected to the Baltic Exchange.

Above the doors, at either end of the building, are a pair of semi-circular pediments with appropriately adorned with nautical decoration. 

Two children, one with a cornucopia across their knee out of which spills produce and the other threading rope through an anchor with the waves of the sea and a sailing vessel behind.

London Shipping Exchange pediment

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