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EC3 Postcode ‐ When and Why

Fenchurch Street sign

During the late 1850s, acting on a proposal from postal reformer Sir Rowland Hill, London was divided into ten postcodes.

In 1917, during World War 1, the ten districts were further sub divided to assist the women sorters who had replaced the men and EC3 is used for the first time.

The EC3 district is further divided into six distinct districts for postal purposes with the addition of a letter after EC3 ‐ A M N P R V

Even greater division was required by the 1960’s and with increased mechanisation, further numbers and letters were added to our codes.

More information on London’s postcodes can be found on the Postal Museum website.

EC3 Wards

The Wards within EC3 consist of Lime Street, Tower, Aldgate, Billingsgate, Langbourn, Bridge and Portsoken.