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Seething Lane Gardens

Seething Lane Gdns

The site occupied by these gardens was the site on which the Navy Office stood from the mid seventeenth century until it relocated to Somerset House in 1786.

Diarist Samuel Pepys made his name as a naval administrator at the Navy Office; he and his wife Elizabeth lived here in a house on the site. It was here, between 1660 and 1669, that Samuel kept his diary which today provides us with his first-hand account of living through the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Seething Lane gardens were developed mid twentieth century but have only looked, as they do now, since 2018. The site lays at the rear of 10 Trinity Square the former headquarters of the Port of London Authority. In 2012 the former gardens were closed to allow for the restoration of 10 Trinity Square and once the building was complete and ready to become a Four Seasons hotel, the gardens were redesigned and reopened in 2018.

It is a beautiful garden, a mix of raised beds with some wonderful planting, a pristine lawn, paths winding the full length of the site and plenty of wooden benches for you to sit and enjoy the space.

The sculpture of Samuel Pepys, by Anglo Swede Karin Johnson, has returned to the site and is sitting on a new plinth. There are pavilions at each end which provide vehicle access and exit to the hotel’s underground car park and the southern pavilion hosts a number of climbing plants on its external walls.

If all of that's not enough, you can find a number of paving stones with carvings that recall events in the life of Samuel Pepys. Amongst them the surgeon’s forceps that hold the bladder stone that was removed from Samuel Pepys following an operation he underwent. Another stone depicts a parmesan cheese which Pepys buried in his garden during the Great Fire.

Seething Lane garden past

Seething Lane gardens in the past